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Blog: Spooky Halloween S'mores

Spooky Halloween S'mores

Posted by: Marla Meridith

Since we are in the spooky month of October, I felt the urge to mess around. These Spooky Halloween S’mores came to me in a vision the other day while on a hike.

Thank goodness for exercise in the mountain air….a great place to get inspired. I’ve been needing some creative inspiration and the outdoors is my ticket to success.


That’s how I thought about making S’mores with King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls!

What are some of your favorite treats for this time of year?


  • 6 King's Hawaiian Dinner Rolls 

  • 6 Large Marshmallows 

  • Hot Fudge Sauce 

  • Red Food Dye 

  • Candy Corn & Pumpkins 


Step 1

Slice King's Hawaiian rolls in half. Place rolls onto a serving dish.

Step 2

With a butter knife, spread some hot fudge onto each piece of bread.

Step 3
Top with marshmallows.

Step 4
Mix red food dye with some water

Step 5
Drizzle dye onto the tops of the marshmallows.

Step 6
With a kitchen torch, heat the marshmallows until browned.

Step 7
While the marshmallows are hot gently & firmly press in the candy corn & pumpkins.

Meet the Chef!
Marla Meridith
Creative and with eye for the best, Marla Meridith believes healthy, happy lives starts with eating the right ingredients. Marla’s widely popular blog, Family Fresh Cooking, is devoted to delicious recipes, unique DIY projects and chronicling her family’s travel adventures. Based in Telluride, CO, Marla enjoys skiing, photography, art, design and piping hot cappuccinos with extra foam.